About Sakura318 WHO IS Sakura318?

Name: Camille (unknown last name nyaha!)

Nickname: Cami, Cams, Cam-chan

Age: 14 years old

Location: Philippines

Birthday: March 18, 1993

Movie: Harry Potter and Bring it On: All or Nothing

TV series: One Tree Hill

Anime: Gakuen Heaven & Cardcaptor Sakura
Manga: Wallflower

Book: Harry Potter Series and Lemony Snicket's Unauthorized Autobiography

Memory: Watching my first ever Harry Potter movie with my 3 cousins without adult supervision, I was age 9.

Dream: When I was holding hands and cuddling with my crush...it felt so real! X3

Love: Nothing much...only that, I won't know it's real meaning until I meet the right guy (Are you out there!?!)

Bullies: I was bullied for 1 whole year by an ex-friend and his accomplices, my friend AND best friend! I handled it by actually fixing the problem they think I have. They stopped when I ignored them day by day...

being Alone: I was a loner from 5th to 6th grade, I hung out with boys more than girls. I was shy and I became more experienced in speaking to an audience when I was in 7th grade.

Steorotyping: It's still a worry to me, but I try to just be friends with everyone. I'm friends with jocks, geeks, outcasts, musicians and other labels and do you know what label I put on them? "friends"

Boys: I found out in my few friendships with boys, they like to be random at things. They can be mysterious and playful. They don't listen, they only hear what we say but it doesn't go in their heads. They're materialistic and their MAIN topics are sports, movies, games & electronics. SUB-topics are arts, music, language and foreign things.

Girls: Okay, since I am one, I can easily tell you...Girls hate being ignored. We crave for attention even if it's for a little while. We express what we feel and if we get mad, we are capable of disaster so don't make us mad! We have a sense of style which is very unique, not one girl wears the same type of style...our MAIN topics are clothes, movies, music, arts, and boys. Our SUB-topics are sports, electronics, language and foreign things.