Edwin Rome

Age: 16 years old
Birthday: March 18 1990
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Yellow
Nationality: American-Japanese
Hobbies: Drawing, playing around and reading mangas
Life: He is an only child and his mother died the day he was born so every year he goes to the cemetery to visit his mom. His father is strict and has certain rules like NO STAYING OUT LATE. Edwin is the kind of teen who's good-hearted but likes breaking the rules to just have fun...especially with Parker <3

Age: 16 years old
Birthday: February 15 1990
Hair Color: Black [with blue highlights]
Eye Color: Blue
Nationality: English-Filipino
Hobbies: Hanging in the mall, chilling with the guys
Life: He has an older and younger sister. His parents passed away years back. His older sister has a job in a law firm and brings in the cash. What Parker does is clean up the house and babysit Patricia, his little sister. Sometimes he'd ask Edwin to help him with the babysitting and other "things"